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Weaving together almost 50 years of training that includes humanistic psychotherapy, occult wisdom, parapsychological research, martial arts, meditation, Interactive Guided Imagery, Holistic healing modalities, therapeutic bodywork, reproductive medicine, nutrition & herbal studies, Oriental and Energy medicine, and Death Education/Grief Counseling as well as working in the world as an ordained minister (Circle of the Sacred Earth), designated Druid (OBOD), shamanic practitioner, ceremonial guide and teacher of cross-cultural spirituality & Death Educator/Grief Counselor, I am pleased to offer a variety of services to my community. In addition, I have been honoured and humbled to have grown personally through my experiences, sitting in prayer and learning from elders and medicine people of the Mayan, Mexica (Aztec), Huna and Lakota traditions, as well as from a number of deeply respected teachers and religious leaders.

If you are interested in any services presented here, or if you have any questions, please call us at the Center for Holistic Health to discuss and clarify your needs.

In response to requests from people out of state, and as part of an expansion of my work, I am pleased to now offer additional services, increased educational opportunities and a variety of care delivery options to better serve you.

NOTE: Expanded Services and Offerings pertain specifically to those found in this & the “Classes and Events” portion of this website; Acupuncture & Oriental Medical care continue to be available. Please see the “Center for Holistic Health” portion of this website for details. Many of these services can be provided both in person & remotely, based upon what is being requested. For further information on procedures/options for working remotely, policy & fee schedule/payment information, please scroll to the end of this segment.
Thank you For Your Interest & Support!



Whether you wish to create a wholly unique experience or personalize a more traditional celebration or transition by adding your own special rituals or words, I am happy to share my expertise to co-create a memorable and heartfelt occasion. In addition to, or in lieu of, actively guiding your desired event, I am also available to assist you in the composition and development of your own personal, family or group ceremonies and rituals. Having had the opportunity to design, facilitate and participate in the ceremony for a number of years, I am pleased to say that most, if not all, of the offerings shown below can be tailored in time and content to meet any specific needs you might have.

  • Weddings & Hand Fastings
  • New Life/Birth
  • Baby/Child/Adult Naming Coming of Age
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Adoptions Recommitment/Renewal
  • Divorce/Unbinding
  • Corning/Wisewoman End-of-Life
  • Funerals
  • Memorials
  • Individual/Family/Group Healings
  • Home/Business/Land/Animal Soul Restoration & Blessings
  • Home/Business/Land/Animal Clearings & Healings
  • Sacred Object/Medicine Tool Consecration
  • Druidic Seasonal Festivals

Fees for ceremony and ritual will be determined on an individual basis, based upon complexity and time/travel requirements. Design and composition of weddings or other ceremonies can be developed and discussed either in person or remotely utilizing skype, phone or email. If you are interested or have questions, please contact my office (505) 298.7371 at your earliest opportunity. If you envision it, we can create it!


“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.” – Dorothy Day

Most would concur that the world in which we are currently living has greater potential to fuel worry, stress and chaos than it does to provide serenity, calm and equanimity. In the midst of this swirling, there are times when it is beneficial to seek neutrality and objective insight—to step out of the raging river and stand on the solidity of dry land. Of course we have the capacity to do it for ourselves, but every once in a while…when we cannot quite hear that still small voice…sometimes…calling forth supportive counsel can assist in a systemic reboot and create a shift.

With this in mind, rather than merely listing credentials, it seemed far more appropriate to share some of my own walk and give you a glimpse of me that is offering to stand with, by, and for you.

As an undergraduate, I obtained degrees in psychology and religion, choosing to continue my education in what I thought was to be my professional calling. Soon after receiving my Master’s degree in humanistic psychology however, while pondering my future, I was struck with the profound realization that healing could not be optimally facilitated by working with the mind alone. From my studies as an undergraduate in neuro and physiological psychology, I understood that the mind has a considerable effect on physiological function; a plethora of research confirms the correlation between strong emotions such as depression, stress, fear, and anger and imbalances in hormonal, circulatory, endocrine and immune function to name a few. But I had also explored avenues that indicated, with the same degree of certainty, the inverse was also true. Analogous to a sentinel keeping watch, the body stands guard between the external environment and the internal world of the mind, in its innate wisdom capturing and hiding those things that could be potentially damaging. Like a Mobius strip, one flows into the other in an intimate relationship. Unfortunately, however, I saw that releasing and resolving emotions and cleansing the mind did not always free the body of its burden.

Armed with this understanding, and unable to find a position in my field, I launched into the next phase of my journey, taking workshops in psychosomatic and body-oriented therapies, eventually investing several evenings and weekends for three years in an extended training program for therapeutic massage and bodywork while working days for the federal government.

Compounding the simultaneous growth, confusion and angst I was experiencing at that time regarding the direction of my career, was the longing for deeper understanding.
I had spent the majority of my college years, as well as time in Europe, studying Eastern philosophies, theosophy, the occult, cosmology, meditation and parapsychology. As a result, I acquired knowledge in a variety of areas not generally known or accepted at that time, except perhaps in academic or scientific circles (or by psychics and Ghostbusters), including the reality of energy fields, out of the body experiences, extra-sensory perception, paranormal phenomena, reincarnation, various healing methodologies as well as traditional/Indigenous ceremony and ritual. Still hungry, my quest continued as I began traversing life and death from a variety of perspectives.

There had been other experiences throughout my life, times since my precarious entrance into the world when I clearly knew there were those in the shadows watching over and guiding me. I remember, then, having the distinct impression of waking up—feeling as though I had been collecting jewels, seeking answers to unknown questions, spending my time on a spiritual scavenger hunt. It was in the midst of this cosmic walkabout, while being faced with serious physical ailments, that I discovered acupuncture and Oriental medicine. It brought together everything I had studied and experienced–that intricate interplay of body, mind and spirit—into one package…and I knew I had found home.

Since that homecoming, and over the last 32 years that I have been a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I have continued to collect puzzle pieces. Some have led to professional expertise, others to personal wisdom. Some of them have come from difficulty and pain, others from ease and joyousness. I learned about cancer by having been diagnosed several times; I’ve been given the opportunity to experience the joy of motherhood as well as the sorrow of the loss of a dozen potential lives; near-death experiences have given me appreciation for each day and I hold increased gratitude for my created family as more of my own leave. As indicated by other stories shared on these pages, I have allowed myself to be lead from birth to death, ancient traditions to modern research, from things seen to those not apparent. Each piece has been a stepping stone, creating a path upon which I have walked, and it is from this perspective that I offer any expertise, experience and wisdom I’ve gleaned. Just as I tell my acupuncture patients— I do not work on you, I work with you.

  • The Utilization/Addition/Inclusion of Oriental, Energetic & Complementary Medicine to your Current Healthcare Regime
  • Body/Mind/Spirit Interactions
  • Gynecological & Reproductive Issues
  • Birth & Postpartum
  • Addictive Behaviors
  • Pain Management
  • Burnout & Compassion Fatigue
  • Loss of Empowerment
  • Stress/Trauma/PTSD
  • Life Changes
  • Coping Strategies
  • Health & Wellness Planning
  • Relationship Issues
  • Palliative Care and Death Preparation
  • Grief & Loss

NOTE: Please be aware that I am not a licensed psychotherapist; 32+ years of licensure as a specialty physician, degrees, professional certifications and extensive training in a variety of areas and ministerial ordination have provided the expertise to offer consultation, coaching and holistic counseling services in the areas shown above. Sessions are offered utilizing a variety of formats; the costs of these services are detailed at the end of this section. If interested, we invite you to call our office (505.298.7371) to set up a complementary phone consultation, during which time we will identify issues and interests, ascertain which format will best suit your needs, answer questions you might have and/or schedule future appointments.


Although more detailed information can be found on this website under the heading of “Indigenous Medicine”, I feel it is important to define more precisely the meaning and purpose of the work I offer here, in order to perhaps dispel preconceptions and negative connotations and, hopefully, provide deeper understanding.

The terms “shaman” and “shamanism” have increasingly been utilized the world over and, relative to one’s religious background, lineage, and experiential framework, can conjure up a variety of images, many of them derogatory at best. There are those who believe that anyone working in these realms outside of a traditional indigenous culture is a charlatan, merely capitalizing on popular trends for their own ego satisfaction, while others correlate the intentions and actions of those who work in this way with Satanism. The truth as I know it is, ultimately, that all of our histories can be traced back to indigenous tribal societies somewhere, whether it be Celtic, African, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Carib, Mongolian, Mexica, Inca, Inuit, or any one of the Native American tribes.

Shamanism is based on animism-the belief that all things are alive and have an essence or spirit that can be contacted and that there is more to us than just our physical selves; that nature is alive with spirits, everything is interconnected and that different worlds exist within this one we know. Shamanism is not a religion in and of itself; rather, it is the oldest form of spiritual discipline in the world and found in part of human culture for tens of thousands of years.

Regardless of heritage and title, there are certain essential core beliefs and, even more importantly, actions and behaviors, which are determining factors when evaluating the veracity of someone who offers these services. To paraphrase the words of the late Dr. Michael Harner (anthropologist and founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies) a shaman is a person who willingly enters an altered state of consciousness, to make journeys into what are known as the lower, middle, and upper worlds (non-ordinary reality.) They enter these alternative realities intentionally to interact and work consciously with certain guardian powers, usually perceived as “power animals,” “helping spirits,” or “spiritual teachers,” who give advice, instruction, and other forms of assistance, which is then brought back to ordinary reality for the healing of individuals, the community or the earth itself.

The signature of a shaman, then, is the ability to find extra ordinary solutions to difficult problems and to alleviate physical pain and suffering through the intervention of transpersonal spiritual powers. It is based on the concept that physical healing can be created through spiritual change—that our bodies reflect our minds and our spirits—it is an age old idea and one that has resurfaced, becoming recognized as a major factor in health and disease even within modern medical circles.

The shaman, however, has been distinguished historically from other kinds of healers and medicine people who may have a similar focus and who also serve their community, because what designates a shaman is not the activities they perform, but by his/her use of this specific state of consciousness.

There are several aspects of which to be aware for one who is called, usually by the spirits, to work in the other realms. What is initially important to understand is that this journey into what we will now call “non-ordinary reality” taken by the shaman is not haphazard; it is based on learned techniques and is a journey made at will and taken with conscious control.

Another important aspect to understand is that the shaman is aware, from the outset, that there must be a specific intended mission while in the shamanic state of consciousness (ssc). Non-ordinary reality is entered not for play but for serious purposes and is done so with intention, respect and discernment, for traveling these worlds is not without danger. In short, the shaman is a person with work to do while in a shamanic state of consciousness and he/she must know the basic methods for accomplishing that work as well as the terrain in which they travel.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider, however, is that no one who works in this way does so alone. Working with the spirits is a two-way street and sometimes a double-edged sword; the spirits are not children or puppies to be placated or played with. Making the conscious choice to work with the spirits is not a decision motivated by a self-serving ego, and if that is, indeed, the basis for the work, it will not bode well.

As I have personally witnessed, if that is the case, the connection between the individual and the spirits will quickly and abruptly be severed, often with uncomfortable consequences. On the contrary, with the acknowledgement and acceptance of this relationship comes profound responsibility—not only for the maintenance of one’s own integrity and honor, but for the well-being of others within the community.

The majority of those I have met who work in shamanic realms are acutely conscious of this responsibility and, regardless of what they might call themselves, do not take it lightly; they are sincere and serious in their approach to this work.

I have had a relationship with the spirit world all of my life and, after receiving guidance and support from Dr. Harner and others on how best to work with them, I have offered shamanic healing services since 1990 as well as taught cross-cultural shamanism….and I trust those who have chosen to work with me more than any human being on the planet.

In spite of a deep commitment and my ability to work in this way, however, I have not, nor will I ever, call myself a shaman, for this is a term reserved for those elders and shaman I have met and honor. Instead, I consider, and call myself a practitioner of shamanic healing work and, in collaboration with “that which is greater,” act as a facilitator and a mediator between the worlds. I once asked the spirits “what should I call myself in regard to the work” and what they said was delightfully appropriate. After a moment’s silence, I heard: “well, you’re a woman and you do medicine work and you do walk the worlds” and with that I accepted that it was appropriate to call myself a world-walking medicine woman. That name has been comfortable for me to wear because, as they so pragmatically pointed out, it’s just the truth. As I have learned continuously through the years, when in doubt, just ask Them.

An additional point to clarify, and one that has periodically brought up questions, has to do with the nature of these “spirits” of whom we speak. Spirits are defined in shamanism simply as those things or beings which are normally not seen by people in an ordinary state of consciousness; it is not simple nature worship nor is it worship of any sort at all. What it entails is two-way spiritual communication. But “spirit” tends to be a loaded term and it can often take people off guard. There are times in my work that I find people who take greater comfort if I refer to them as angels, guardian spirits, guides, Divine/Source energy or heavenly beings—names like that. In my experience, and from my perspective, they are all accurate—the energy I experience is all of that and more—and it can manifest and make itself known in a myriad of ways.

When I and others speak of “working with the spirits,” it is vital to understand that we do not manipulate, command or use them and they do not use or manipulate us. For me, it is knowing, without doubt, that there is something bigger than myself at work in the universe and, having developed my relationship with them, with implicit trust

I move out of the way and allow them to work with me and, often times, through me. There has never been a question-ever-in my mind that what I am experiencing is nothing other than the energy of the Divine with these helping spirits working as conduits. And, even when in the midst of the journey I allow them to perform healing work through me, it is always with my permission and I am always conscious and aware of everything going on. They don’t take me over. It is not possession. Quite the contrary, they are as trusted dear friends and together we work hand in hand.

In truth, shamanism and shamanic practices are not at odds with more conventional spiritual-and most religious—perspectives. As I see it, and as I share with my clients in my shamanic healing practice, the intention and goal of shamanic healing is to provide a means to become whole again, to seal the wounds, mend the tears, to come home to ourselves. It is a way by which one can be “re-membered” after being spiritually shredded, an opportunity to fill what may be empty, become re-empowered and regain our wholeness. This is our right as human beings on this planet. And spirit is more than willing to support our healing, growth, and journey of reclamation towards wholeness. For, just as a like stone tossed into a still pond, the more whole we are, the further the ripples of our wholeness move out into the world—affecting everyone around us and the more our wholeness spreads across the planet, the more whole and healed the planet becomes.

The spirits, however, can only come partway, and so it is up to us to move towards them and, opening lines of communication, to share information, and get the answers we seek to encourage this wholeness. Regardless of the length of time in which I’ve been working with them, it never ceases to touch my heart each time I feel their presence—and the more I am given the opportunity to continue working with the spirits and within these sacred realms, the more I am awestruck and humbled by what is possible…for ourselves as individuals and for each other in community.

  • Power Animal/Spirit Guide Introduction
  • Past Life Exploration/Clarification
  • Divination
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extraction
  • Release Work/Unbinding
  • Re-membering (Reconnective Healing)
  • Compassionate De-possession (Spirit Release)
  • Diagnostic/Spiritual Healing
  • Curse Unraveling
  • Trauma Transformation
  • Life Decisions
  • Relationships
  • Death Preparation
  • Psychopomp/Walking the Dying
  • Deathwalking/Crossworld Communication

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” – Shakespeare

If you find yourself drawn to this work, or if something you’ve read struck a chord deep within; if you’ve been experiencing severe fatigue and ongoing bouts of illness for which there is no explanation; if you have become aware—either recently or over a period of time—that you are feeling less than whole, as if something is missing but you know not what; on the contrary, perhaps the opposite is true—you have an unsettling sensation that something is hovering around you, that you are NOT alone, and are subsequently feeling off balance, out of sorts and just not like yourself. If you see yourself in any of the above scenarios, it is possible there is more going on than merely physical ailments or emotional distress.

It has been understood for centuries, by cultures the world over, that the body, mind and spirit are intricately interwoven and that there is a reality within and beyond the world as most see it. Indeed, there is a great deal of research and literature available that could provide further explanation and exploration, keeping you immersed for years; however, beyond historical accounts and intellectual reasoning, if something deep within begins to stir as you try on these concepts, and the rightness of it resonates and calls to you, I offer to create the space for you to listen and invite you to consider a shamanic session.

The first step is to call the Center for Holistic Health in Albuquerque (505.298.7371) to schedule a time for a complimentary initial phone consultation. Our office intentionally does not use online patient registration or scheduling. Although many approaches are extremely effective without prior client contact, it has always been my personal preference to have a conversation and listen to potential patients/clients, especially those considering shamanic work. This contact serves several purposes. It not only allows us a chance to meet and hear each other, for you to share what you’re experiencing and for me to explain how I might be of service; more importantly, in the course of our conversation, I have the opportunity “move in” and connect in a way that enables me to more clearly identify what you are experiencing and then “see” what modality would be most appropriate and beneficial for you.

During my first years of shamanic training, I remember Sandra Ingerman telling us (to paraphrase) that as soon as the appointment is made, things often begin to happen. I have never forgotten the truth of this, seeing it occur innumerable times, both for myself and for others. The act of scheduling solidifies the intention, and the intention, in turn, creates an energy that spreads both inward and out into the ethers—potentially inviting, opening, shifting, unveiling—setting in motion the journey towards balance and wholeness prior to the actual session.

After an appointment has been scheduled, I share this information with the individual, merely suggesting they watch their dreams, keep their eyes open for any out-of-the-ordinary occurrences and remind them to just stay open to any messages they might receive beginning from that moment to the time they arrive at my door.

Possibly due to my years of touching and sharing energies, having an opportunity to connect before meeting, even by means of a brief phone conversation, creates an energetic bond that enhances my ability to act as a supportive anchor for the individual I will be seeing. It has been my experience that there are times the potential client is grateful for this connection as well. While in many cases, nothing extraordinary occurs for individuals seeking shamanic work or exploring transformational issues, there have been instances where peculiar, serendipitous—and sometimes confusing—events have taken place. Having gained a level of familiarity and trust established through our earlier meeting, individuals for whom this was occurring felt comfortable enough to contact me, relating their experiences and voicing their relief that I was there to hold space and help them make sense of what was happening. Making a commitment to face those things that are keeping us from our wholeness while walking through unknown territory to do so can be unnerving, even frightening—and knowing there is a reassuring advocate and trained guide walking along side us can make the difference between continuing the adventure or turning back.

Traditionally, shamanic healing work has been provided face-to-face, and it is my preference to see clients personally whenever possible. In some instance, however, it is not possible. For those seeking shamanic healing who are home-bound or in the hospital, who have disabilities that impede mobility, who live a considerable distance away or whose work prevents scheduling, other formats are now being utilized; technology-assisted, remote sessions have rapidly become more widely accepted as a viable—and effective–option—by which shamanic practitioners can work in the spirit world on behalf of their clients.

The use of modern technology as a vehicle to connect the worlds and assist the shamanic practitioner in their healing work may seem at odds with ancient traditions, but in truth, it is quite the opposite. Because it is understood that there is no time and space in the spirit world (aka non-ordinary reality), long distance, or remote, healing has long been a part of shamanic tradition. It is often the case where a shamanic practitioner is called upon and asked to work remotely for a variety of reasons, including to “check on” or provide healing remotely for animals, children, or others in distress who are in need of assistance and support, to work with the spirits on another’s behalf to find answers to questions, providing counsel and guidance and, in some cases, to act as intermediaries between worlds, opening doors of communication with the deceased.

Centuries of anecdotal evidence are now being substantiated and the concept of working remotely and its efficacy in healing is no longer relegated to the world of myth and ancient cosmological theory. Current research in Bio-electromagnetics (BEM) and non-local healing has confirmed that a person seeking healing does not need to be in the presence of the healer or spirit-intercessor for the work to be effective. Doors of new understanding are opening as we circle back to our future.

Most shamanic-related services, including many of those mentioned above, can be provided in person or at a distance, depending on the service being requested. In our office, if direct personal interaction is not possible, sessions can be arranged utilizing telephone, e-mail or video conferencing. Additional details may be found below.

There are no specific protocols in preparation for a shamanic session. Although it is not necessary to fast or limit/adjust your regular diet, a reduction in the consumption of alcohol, caffeine or any recreational substances might be considered during the 24 hours prior to your appointment; rely on your own judgment in this matter. The best approach I have found is to merely proceed in a way that helps you feel present, grounded and open to the experience. First and foremost, know you will be safe. The spirits are here to assist-healing to refill the empty places, releasing unnecessary burdens that hold us back—providing guidance and inspiration. Sometimes the results are subtle, other times it can dramatically impact our physical, mental emotional and spiritual being, creating transformative changes from a cellular level across time and space. This work can change lives.

Please Note: Most initial shamanic sessions, both in person and remote, typically last approximately 2 hours. Please schedule yourself sufficient time in the event that the session runs longer so that wherever you find yourself, you can allow for some integration time and perhaps a good meal to help you ground prior to moving out into your day.

Whether we meet in person or a remote method is utilized, a general format is followed during an initial shamanic session. After a conversation during which we will address and clarify your needs, provide more detailed explanation of the process and answer any questions you might have, I will create sacred space and call in my helping spirits with prayer and song; When ready, either using live drumming or a drumming tape, we will journey on your behalf. Often we begin by asking if there is a spirit in a particular animal form who is willing to be there for you, obtaining information to assist in furthering this relationship once introductions are made. Together we will continue to journey, asking to fulfill your proposed purpose, whether it be finding soul-parts ready to come home, looking for spiritual intrusions, seeking answers to questions, asking for healing, desiring to speak to deceased loved ones or to gain a deeper understanding of personal—or existential—issues.

When scheduling, you may have already know the issue you want to work through or have an expectation of what you would like to have happen. In spite of what you think you need to have happen or what we have discussed is to occur, it is not always the case. The spirits often possess information of which we are not aware and, the truth is, all of the above could take place…and more. It is not uncommon, for example, when something leaves, enters or disrupts an individual’s energy field and/or their body, disharmonies and issues can be compounded and often times a healing of some sort will take place either by the spirits in non-ordinary reality or I will be advised on how to assist you, or share what they suggest, once back in ordinary reality. Also not unusual are the instances where those of your ancestry or lineage present themselves to offer guidance, providing directions for future contact if needed. In any case, be assured that whatever occurs, it will be for your highest benefit and they will not leave you on your own to work it out by yourself.

Whenever the journey is completed, we will slowly bring you back to ordinary reality, bringing back parts or your power animal, seal your energy field and relay what occurred in the course of the journey; during this time, my teacher may possibly speak through me providing additional insight or make himself available to answer questions.

Afterwards, we usually follow up with a discussion of what took place or offer suggestions which may had been made by the spirits for future care; additionally, in cases of power animal and soul retrieval, I will also provide, either verbally or in writing, detailed information on who came home and ways in which to promote integration and closer relationships. Once ascertained that you are sufficiently grounded, we will close with a prayer and end the session.

After the completion of a session, it is not uncommon to feel as though something in you has shifted, that you are “more behind your eyes,” yet with your feet more firmly planted in the world; colors may appear brighter, and you may even find that you have specific food cravings.

It is also possible to experience a resurfacing of old emotions and memories after a session as they make their way into your consciousness; be aware that they could merely be trapped energies—psychic residue—being released. It could also be the case, especially after soul retrieval work, these recollections are the result of the healthy parts that had left and are now home. Regardless of the source, if this should occur, just allow yourself to acknowledge what your feel, consciously trying them on for size as you would an old coat, observing without judgement and honoring them as parts of you. They will eventually find their place, but know that we will be available for follow-up questions and recommendations as need be.

What is of utmost importance for me to share with you, however, whether we work together in person or remotely is that, regardless of what occurs, know you are loved, know that you are supported in ways you may not even perceive, and know that it is your right to be whole and empowered in this lifetime and stand in the shining of your Divine nature.

Suggestions for follow up care, if not presented during the session, can be self-directed, and include the possible use of ceremony and ritual, additional reading, journaling and exploring whatever might have been sparked by the session. Of primary importance is for you to listen to your inner wisdom and provide yourself the time, space, food, and sleep to better process and integrate what you have experienced. We strongly suggest that you do not make any abrupt changes to previous medical treatment or medication without first consulting your prescribing physician. Should you have questions regarding our work, or in the event that you would like to schedule any additional sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you would like to utilize any services we offer we ask that, prior to making online payment, you call our office to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. This will provide us time for introductions and to establish communication, clarifying and sharing any needs, wishes, expectations or fears you might have regarding our work together; in the course of our conversation we will further identify issues, discuss and determine what services and communication format and timeframes would be best for you and, if you would like, schedule an appointment at a mutually agreed upon time (and place if in person). Together we will create a written care plan confirming services, communication methods, fees and payment procedures and answer any questions you might have.

We also ask you to complete and sign the health questionnaire and a consent form to alert us to any health issues of which we need to be aware and to ensure that any and all issues regarding our services and the use of technology assisted media formats are understood. If you have any questions regarding the completion of these forms, or require any assistance to please contact us.

These documents may either be completed, signed electronically and returned to us by email or you can download, print and sign them, then either scanning and returning them via email or returning a hard copy to our office by mail, fax or in person; mailing information is located on the forms. We suggest you also keep a copy of for yourself. These documents, along with your receipt of payment and care plan, will be kept on file in my office at the Center for Holistic Health. Should you have any change in your contact information during our time together, please notify our office.

Sessions for most services are available utilizing a variety of formats, including personal meetings, telephone, email and video conferencing (VOIP-voice over internet protocol, such as with Skype, although others are used as well). There may be some instances however where, based upon services requested, one format may be recommended as preferable over other options. Options and recommendations will be discussed during our initial consultation as needs are clarified. Detailed information regarding specific use of, and procedures for, technology assisted media options as they pertain to use in sessions can be found on the Consent Form. Fees for delivery methods are detailed at the end of this segment.

Text messaging and Online chat are NOT utilized by this office for sessions and are only acceptable as a method of contact for appointment confirmation/cancellation or housekeeping issues.

  • Personal coaching/consulting/shamanic sessions are confidential. Unless you have prearranged to have someone with you during your session, it is your responsibility to confirm you are alone when utilizing remote service delivery methods to ensure confidentiality.
  • To prevent distractions and disruptions, it is best to be in a quiet and undistracted environment when utilizing phone or video session formats.
  • Talking on the phone while driving is unsafe (and illegal in many areas). If you need to communicate while in your vehicle, pull over to a safe location and turn off your vehicle during your session.

A fee schedule is provided below. Fees cover preparation time, the time designated specifically for your care and a follow-up conversation via telephone, email or text, as well as administrative costs, processing fees and charges associated with telecommunication-related transactions to ensure secure exchanges of confidential information.

In-Person services may be paid either at the time of session with cash or check or
at least 48 hours prior to session with credit card; please confirm with our office your choice of payment option. If a check is written and returned for insufficient funds, you will be notified by our office and be charged the original amount, associated bank fees and an additional $50 penalty.

Remote services are to be paid with credit card at least 48 hours prior to scheduled
session or initiation of services unless previous arrangements have been made.

All major credit cards are accepted. Payments will be made through PayPal, which is highly secure, and can be accessed through this website’s “Store.” For security and privacy reasons, we do not accept credit card information via e-mail, as email is NOT secure.

Scheduled remote services are tentative until payment is confirmed. Upon payment by credit card, you will receive a PayPal invoice and our office will be notified.

  • If confirmation of payment has not been received at least 24 hours before your scheduled session, we reserve the right to cancel the session and reschedule for a later date, once payment is received.
  • In the event that payment is declined—or you have knowledge that it will be declined—more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment—it is your responsibility to notify our office immediately to discuss alternative arrangements or to cancel your appointment until payment is approved.
  • In the event that multiple services are requested or required, or if you would like the flexibility of having more than one service delivery/communication method available for use (for instance, use of both email & telephone), simply inform us of your needs and we will be happy to create an individualized fee schedule for you.
  • Unused portions of prepaid packages will NOT be refunded. They can, however, be applied to other offered services.

As it is our goal to provide dependable, high-quality service, and to ensure that our services are available for both you and others, we have the following policies:

  • If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours prior notice.
  • For rescheduled appointments (with 24-hour prior notice), no service fee will be charged.
  • For cancelled appointments (with 24-hour prior notice), no service fee will be charged.
  • For rescheduled, cancelled, or missed appointment without the minimum of 24 hours prior notice, you will be charged for the cost of the service for which the original appointment was booked.

If your scheduled service time is altered due to a late start or need to end early, your session will be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours and you will be charged for the full rate (unless previously arranged at least 24 hours prior to your appointment). We do understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can interfere with scheduled appointments. Exceptions will be made in the event of emergencies; if this is the case, please contact our office.

When you schedule an appointment, you agree to the rates and terms of service outlined in this document. Should you have any questions, please contact our office.

NOTE: It has always been and continues to be, my attempt to provide care to those who request it when I am able to do so. If you are in need of any services being offered but are financially unable make full payment of fees, in lieu of cancellation, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU NOTIFY OUR OFFICE PRIOR EITHER TO SCHEDULING OR BEFORE YOU SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT TIME so that options may be discussed.

IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE IN CRISIS or if you have serious concerns about your mental health and well-being or that of someone you care about, this is not the appropriate site for you at this time….instead…PLEASE CALL THE FOLKS BELOW:


  • Dial 911 (Emergency Services) or go to the nearest emergency room
  • National Suicide Prevention/Crisis Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK(8255), 1-800-799-4889(TTY), 1-888-628-9454 (Espanol)
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)
  • Pathways to Safety International (domestic/dating violence, sexual assault/stalking) 1-833–SAFE–833 (833–723–3833)
  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Admin National Helpline 1-800-662-HELP (4357), or 1-800-487-4889 (TTY)
  • IMAlive (National Crisis Intervention) 1-800-784-2433
  • Mental Health America 1-800-985-5990
  • Disaster Distress Helpline 1-800-985-5990
  • National Center for Victims of Crime (multi-language service available) 1-855-4-VICTIM (855-484-2846)
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance 1-800-826-3632
  • Postpartum Support International 1-800-994-4PPD (4773)
  • Post Partum Depression (PPD Moms) 1-800-PPD-MOMS (800-773-6667)
  • S.A.F.E. ALTERNATIVES® 1-800-DONTCUT (800-366-8288)
  • HIV/AIDS (800) CDC-INFO / 1-800-232-4636
  • National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800–4–A–CHILD (800–422–4453)
  • National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline 1-866–331–9474 or 866–331–8453 (TTY)
  • Veterans Crisis Line:  1-800-273-8255 or 1-800-799-4889 (TTY)
  • Military OneSource 1-800-342-9647
  • National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • StrongHearts Native Helpline(domestic /dating violence support for Native Americans) 1-844–7NATIVE (844–762–8483)


SHAMANIC HEALING SESSIONS, INDIVIDUAL: In-Person (approx.2-hrs) $170.00
Remote Shamanic Sessions Session Length Fee
Chat, Phone, Video-communication  (up to) 30 min $45.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication  45 min $70.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 60 min $95.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 90 min $145.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 120 min  $190.00
CONSULTATION/COACHING SESSIONS, INDIVIDUAL: In-Person (approx.60 minutes) $75.00
Distance Coaching Sessions Session Length Fee
Chat, Phone, Video-communication  (up to) 30 min $45.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication  45 min $70.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 60 min $90.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 90 min $140.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 120 min  $180.00
Shamanic/Coaching Packages are also available:
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 3  30 min $120.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 5  30 min $200.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 3 60 min $240.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 5 60 min $395.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 3 90 min  $360.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 5 90 min  $400.00
E-MAIL Communication Sessions Session Length Fee
E-MAIL communication  (up to) 30 min $45.00
E-MAIL communication  45 min $60.00
E-MAIL communication 60 min $80.00
E-MAIL communication 90 min $100.00
Email Communication Packages are also available:
E-MAIL communication 3  30 min $110.00
E-MAIL communication 5  30 min $190.00
E-MAIL communication 3 45 min $150.00
E-MAIL communication 5 45 min $260.00
E-MAIL communication 3 60 min  $210.00
E-MAIL communication 5 60 min  $360.00
Email Communication Packages are also available:
IFS #1 $50.00
IFS #2 $60.00
IFS #3 $75.00
IFS #4 $100.00

Please visit our store to purchase services.

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“Before moving to Albuquerque four years ago, we asked our current Acupuncturist for a recommendation on where to take our special needs daughter for acupuncture. Dr. Polasky was at the top of his list. Dr. Polasky was more than happy to add our daughter as one of her clients. She listened intently to a list of needs we had for our daughter and then took the time to sit and evaluate h..

Lori Blair, Mom to 2 outstanding Boys & 1 very special Daughter

Using Acupuncture treatment for nearly 15 years

“Dr. Polasky was highly recommended to me by a friend whose opinion I value. Prior to going to see her, I researched her website and was very impressed with the breadth of her interests, studies and accomplishments in the fields of spiritual, metaphysical and holistic modalities, as well as her many years of practice as an acupuncturist. Unlike other websites focused on fees and insurance, Dr. P..

Deborah Openden

“Dr. Diane Polasky is a spiritual force to be reckoned with! She has such a powerful force in her own spiritual health and vitality that, I swear, she looks younger every year!  She is also a kind minister to both broken hearts and wounded spirits.  Her gentle and holistic acupuncture practice has profoundly impacted my life”.

Sarah McCord Artist/Owner

Putting It All Together LLC; Concierge Decor & Design Services; Be Alive Artistry & Design

“Diane Polasky is a very gifted and caring healer and spiritual leader! She is the reason I am on my spiritual path! I am so fortunate to have attended several of her workshops on shamanism and to have been a part of her Druid Grove!”

Paula Steinberg

“I've known Diane for many years, decades in fact. As a multifaceted healer, she has helped to guide me through the variety of both physical and emotional issues in my life. Her wisdom and humor are invaluable to me as I've made my way through the maze of life. Diane is a warm, intuitive and caring woman who extends her talents to each person she deals with and for me, she is a necessary part..

Morgan Joy OCailleigh, Esq.

“I have known Dr. Polasky approximately 20 years. Diane opened me up to the realm of shamanism. As a teenager I didn’t even know what a shaman was, I just thought it sounded mysterious. She taught me, along with many others, how to walk in different worlds and how to connect with the spirits. It changed my world and it changed my life. Over the years, as I have gone deeper into this practice, ..

Jessica Lamm

Artistic Designer; Event Manager

“Dr. Diane Polasky is my acupuncturist, colleague and friend. She is a consummate acupuncturist, knowing how to use her skills to create healing and well-being quickly. She has treated me for over ten years and brought me back to well-being and total health quickly from two serious auto accidents. She utilizes not only her Chinese medicine and herbology but is well versed in several other heali..

Dr Suzanne Lopez, PhD

Licensed therapist, juried artist, national author, TV expert

“When considering writing about Diane Polasky I think I will have to ramble a bit. She is a sparkling multifaceted jewel and has added so much to my life as well as the lives of my family. 30 years ago my husband and I began acupuncture treatments with her which over the years has cured many many ailments. Me by helping me thru menopause with no hot flashes! My husband was plagued by double visi..

Kristen Wilson

“It has been a true blessing to work with Dr. Diane as I evolve as a manual therapist. She and her guides supported me through the loss of a child, provided soul retrievals to heal childhood wounds, cleared an elemental and have helped me integrate my energetic fields so I can be grounded, present and spirit lead as I work with others. Each time I work with her, I have a better connection to my ..

Sarah Day, OT/L, MPH, CST-T

CranioSacral Certified Therapist; IAHE Teaching Assistant

“I first met Diane more than 15 years ago. I got to know her as a friend, then as an excellent acupuncturist and then one day she told me about this spiritual circle she led. As she explained the concepts of Druidry and how they fit into her life, I then met her as one of my teachers. Diane invited me to her circle of twenty or so people. I learned that she had been teaching and leading Druid..

Dr Brenda Cole, DC

“I first met Dr. Polasky several years ago when I was suffering from a painful case of sciatica.  I came to her because of a glowing recommendation from a co-worker.  I had tried traditional medical care to stop the pain and it had not helped.  Her use of acupuncture along with a few sessions of physical therapy that she recommended freed me from the condition.  Since then she has continued ..

Michael Folsom, PhD

“Dr. Polasky saved my life. And I can only imagine how many other people’s lives she’s saved. There’s no way I can ever express how much I appreciate all she’s done for me over the last seven years that I’ve been in her care. From knee pain to hot flashes to severe chronic back and neck pain due to Scoliosis, Arthritis, Degenerative Disk Disease and chronic inflammation; to allergies, ..

Linda Pegues Campbell

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