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Remote Shamanic Sessions

Remote Shamanic Sessions Session Length  Fee
Chat, Phone, Video-communication (up to) 30 min $45.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 45 min $70.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication  60 min $95.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 90 min $145.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 120 min $190.00
Remote Shamanic Sessions

Distance Coaching Sessions

Distance Coaching Sessions Session Length  Fee
Chat, Phone, Video-communication  (up to) 30 min  $45.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication  45 min $70.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 60 min $90.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 90 min $140.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 120 min  $180.00
Distance Coaching Sessions

Prepaid Shamanic/coaching Pkgs

Prepaid Shamanic/coaching Pkgs S# Session Length  Fee
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 3- 30 min $120.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 5- 30 min  $200.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 3- 60 min  $240.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 5- 60 min $395.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 3- 90 min   $360.00
Chat, Phone, Video-communication 5- 90 min  $400.00
PP Shaman//Coach Pkgs

Email Communication Sessions-individual

Email Communication Sessions-individual Session Length  Fee
E-MAIL communication  (up to) 30 min $45.00
E-MAIL communication 45 min $60.00
E-MAIL communication 60 min  $80.00
EMAIL communication 90 min $100.00
E-MAIL Sessions

Prepaid Email Pkgs

Prepaid Email Pkgs S# Session Length  Fee
E-MAIL communication 3-  30 min  $110.00
E-MAIL communication 5- 30 min $190.00
E-MAIL communication 3 - 45 min $15
E-MAIL communication 5- 45 min   $260.00
E-MAIL communication 3- 60 min $210.00
E-MAIL communication 5- 60 min $360.00
Prepaid E-MAIL Pkgs

Individualized Fee Schedule-revised

Individualized Fee Schedule-revised Session Length  Fee
IFS #1 $50.00
IFS #2 $60.00
IFS #3 $75.00
IFS #4 $100.00
IFS #5  $125.00
Individualized Fee Schedule


“Before moving to Albuquerque four years ago, we asked our current Acupuncturist for a recommendation on where to take our special needs daughter for acupuncture. Dr. Polasky was at the top of his list. Dr. Polasky was more than happy to add our daughter as one of her clients. She listened intently to a list of needs we had for our daughter and then took the time to sit and evaluate h..

Lori Blair, Mom to 2 outstanding Boys & 1 very special Daughter

Using Acupuncture treatment for nearly 15 years

“Dr. Polasky was highly recommended to me by a friend whose opinion I value. Prior to going to see her, I researched her website and was very impressed with the breadth of her interests, studies and accomplishments in the fields of spiritual, metaphysical and holistic modalities, as well as her many years of practice as an acupuncturist. Unlike other websites focused on fees and insurance, Dr. P..

Deborah Openden

“Dr. Diane Polasky is a spiritual force to be reckoned with! She has such a powerful force in her own spiritual health and vitality that, I swear, she looks younger every year!  She is also a kind minister to both broken hearts and wounded spirits.  Her gentle and holistic acupuncture practice has profoundly impacted my life”.

Sarah McCord Artist/Owner

Putting It All Together LLC; Concierge Decor & Design Services; Be Alive Artistry & Design

“Diane Polasky is a very gifted and caring healer and spiritual leader! She is the reason I am on my spiritual path! I am so fortunate to have attended several of her workshops on shamanism and to have been a part of her Druid Grove!”

Paula Steinberg

“I've known Diane for many years, decades in fact. As a multifaceted healer, she has helped to guide me through the variety of both physical and emotional issues in my life. Her wisdom and humor are invaluable to me as I've made my way through the maze of life. Diane is a warm, intuitive and caring woman who extends her talents to each person she deals with and for me, she is a necessary part..

Morgan Joy OCailleigh, Esq.

“I have known Dr. Polasky approximately 20 years. Diane opened me up to the realm of shamanism. As a teenager I didn’t even know what a shaman was, I just thought it sounded mysterious. She taught me, along with many others, how to walk in different worlds and how to connect with the spirits. It changed my world and it changed my life. Over the years, as I have gone deeper into this practice, ..

Jessica Lamm

Artistic Designer; Event Manager

“Dr. Diane Polasky is my acupuncturist, colleague and friend. She is a consummate acupuncturist, knowing how to use her skills to create healing and well-being quickly. She has treated me for over ten years and brought me back to well-being and total health quickly from two serious auto accidents. She utilizes not only her Chinese medicine and herbology but is well versed in several other heali..

Dr Suzanne Lopez, PhD

Licensed therapist, juried artist, national author, TV expert

“When considering writing about Diane Polasky I think I will have to ramble a bit. She is a sparkling multifaceted jewel and has added so much to my life as well as the lives of my family. 30 years ago my husband and I began acupuncture treatments with her which over the years has cured many many ailments. Me by helping me thru menopause with no hot flashes! My husband was plagued by double visi..

Kristen Wilson

“It has been a true blessing to work with Dr. Diane as I evolve as a manual therapist. She and her guides supported me through the loss of a child, provided soul retrievals to heal childhood wounds, cleared an elemental and have helped me integrate my energetic fields so I can be grounded, present and spirit lead as I work with others. Each time I work with her, I have a better connection to my ..

Sarah Day, OT/L, MPH, CST-T

CranioSacral Certified Therapist; IAHE Teaching Assistant

“I first met Diane more than 15 years ago. I got to know her as a friend, then as an excellent acupuncturist and then one day she told me about this spiritual circle she led. As she explained the concepts of Druidry and how they fit into her life, I then met her as one of my teachers. Diane invited me to her circle of twenty or so people. I learned that she had been teaching and leading Druid..

Dr Brenda Cole, DC

“I first met Dr. Polasky several years ago when I was suffering from a painful case of sciatica.  I came to her because of a glowing recommendation from a co-worker.  I had tried traditional medical care to stop the pain and it had not helped.  Her use of acupuncture along with a few sessions of physical therapy that she recommended freed me from the condition.  Since then she has continued ..

Michael Folsom, PhD

“Dr. Polasky saved my life. And I can only imagine how many other people’s lives she’s saved. There’s no way I can ever express how much I appreciate all she’s done for me over the last seven years that I’ve been in her care. From knee pain to hot flashes to severe chronic back and neck pain due to Scoliosis, Arthritis, Degenerative Disk Disease and chronic inflammation; to allergies, ..

Linda Pegues Campbell

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